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Go ghost hunting at a unique and intriguing location in North Staffordshire; Anzio Army Camp has all qualities and characteristics of a spooky overnight ghost hunt. Our first visit here was definitely not one to forget; guests feeling watched along dark corridoors, urges to be sick in certain areas, objects being thrown on demand, growling sounds and the genuine fright of feeling lost in the dark of such a vast, moorland site.


The dark and remote landscape of the Staffordshire Moorlands has a long tradition of ghostly goings on. There is an abundance of tales of the supernatural. One of the most popular is that of the headless horseman who races across the desolate landscape, another is the story of the mermaid who lures unsuspecting travellers to a watery grave at a nearby pool from Anzio. So popular is this myth that the local pub – the Mermaid Inn at Morridge – takes its name from the legend.



Witch Hunting!

The Mermaid Pool is in very close proximity to Anzio. In the late 17th century a local witch- hunter, Joshua Linnet, was responsible for seeking out and torturing suspect women in the area. One of the tests for witches was ‘Trial by Ordeal’, which included one by cold water. In this, the accused was tied at feet and hands and lowered into water by a rope. This rope was tied around the defendant's waist with had a knot a particular distance from the torso. If both knot and accused dipped beneath the surface of the water, the accused was proven innocent. If the knot was dry, the defendant was guilty. This was proof the accused was in league with the Devil. On one occasion, after questioning at the Mermaid Inn, such a test led to a girl being drowned. Three days later, as Linnet was passing the pool, It is said her ghost reached out and dragged him in to his death. They, people say, to continue their macabre dance of death as ghosts around this ancient area. It is claimed that this peat stained pool is bottomless, cattle refuse to drink here and birds never fly above it.


Anzio is based in such an ancient landscape with a long cold history of death and torture, The trail passing Anzio (now A53) was once littered with the hanging bodies of criminals, rotting away in gibbets on roadsides as a warning to all would be wrong doers!!

Location Map


- Work in small and personal groups


- Take part in activities such as glass divination, ouija boards and table tipping


- Full use of our ghost hunting equipment such as EMF devices, EVP recorders and Spirit Boxes


- The chance to conduct a lone vigil for the very brave


- Hot and cold drinks and light snacks available throughout the night included in the cost


- A friendly and experienced team of Investigators and mediums giving help and guidance


- Qualified first aider present on a fully insured event


- Access to all areas of the building made available to us


History of Anzio Camp


Originally built in 1943 as a transit camp for United States Army anti-aircraft battalions, in 1946 Anzio Camp was taken over by Polish troops from Italy and other Polish troops arrived later.

After the war Anzio camp continued as a Polish civilian settlement until 1964 when those living there were rehoused elsewhere.  

In the early 1980's the site was cleared and in 1983 Anzio Camp was opened there as a training camp for use by the regular army, the TA and scouts. Finally closing in 2004


Anzio Camp is huge, with many areas to explore and investigate, there have been many reports of shadow people lurking, the constant feeling of being watched and eager spirits desperate to make their presence known to all wary investigators!


But what of the land? There have been many sightings of supernatural dogs in the area, most centering around a big black dog called a 'boggart.' Sightings of the spectral dogs are strongest on the moorlands of the Peak District, land that is occupied by Anzio Camp, and tales of the Kinder Boggart terrify walkers. It's not hard to imagine how scared you would feel lost on the moors up there when thick fog descends and a figure on all fours is seen approaching!!

What's Included

Anzio Camp

Anzio Army Camp, Nr. Leek, Staffordshire Moorlands

Key Event Information



Date: Saturday 16th June 2018


Time: 9pm - 2am


Price: £39 per person


Non-Refundable Deposit: NA


Balance Due Date:  One month prior to event


Where:  Blackshaw Moor, Nr. Leek, Staffordshire, ST13 8TL