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Sorry there are no ghost hunts currently scheduled for Ryecroft Hall; we will be returning to this location soon.


Please take a look at our other ghost hunt events - many fantastic locations to choose from.

Ghost hunting at Ryecroft Hall in Manchester with Haunted Houses Events; a favourite location of Haunted Houses', Ryecroft Hall has never disappointed and is a very active place for an exciting night of ghost huning for all.


This beautiful building dating back to 1849 is Grade II listed and many of it’s rooms still have the original wood paneling and ornate ceilings.

It is built on the land bought from the Earl of Stamford & Warrington by James Smith Buckley, who owned the cotton mills at Ryecroft. James Smith Buckley passed the house on in 1885 to his nephew Abel Buckley, who lived there for 22 years. He was a Liberal MP, the Mayor of Ashton and contributed to the cost of building Albion Church. In 1913 Austin Hopkinson, MP for Mossley, inventor of a coal cutting machine and owner of Delta Engineering

Works, acquired the hall.


During the First World War it was a voluntary hospital with over 100 beds. Austin Hopkinson gave the house and grounds to the people of Audenshaw in 1922 for Council Offices and to this day it is used for community purposes.

Location Map


- Work in small and personal groups


- Take part in activities such as glass divination, ouija boards and table tipping


- Full use of our ghost hunting equipment such as EMF devices, EVP recorders and Spirit Boxes


- The chance to conduct a lone vigil for the very brave


- Hot and cold drinks and light snacks available throughout the night included in the cost


- A friendly and experienced team of Investigators and mediums giving help and guidance


- Qualified first aider present on a fully insured event


- Access to all areas of the building made available to us



What's Included



The ghost presence of an angry lady is said to occupy the cellar. It is believed the hospital mortuary may have been here when the Hall was used as the Military Hospital. In one of the rooms of the cellar the ghost woman is said to shout  “Get out” some have said she is a nurse who didn’t want people visiting as during the First World War to keep morale high the general public were not allowed to see the extent of soldiers injuries. However, on that same room door there is a sign that reads “Silence, Control Room”. It is believed this room may have been used by the Council and may have held sensitive information and perhaps the angry ghost woman does not want anyone to find out the secrets.


There is another ghost that of an old caretaker who is said to be upstairs in a gent’s toilet. A further ghost that roams Ryecroft Hall is that of a little girl. She is said to wear a mop cap from eye witness accounts from those that have seen her apparition. She floats around the corridors and rooms upstairs. She is said to be gentle and playful.


The building has seen much suffering and sadness over the years and this turmoil seems to have left its mark with all its paranormal activity. Join Haunted Houses for the night as we discover the sprits that dwell within Ryecroft Hall.


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