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Friday 27th July 2018

Friday 25th January 2019


Time: 9pm - 2am


Price: £39pp


Deposit Option: £20pp


Balance Due Date: One month prior to event


Where: Main Street, Strelley, Nottinghamshire, NG8 6PE


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- Work in small and personal groups


- Take part in activities such as glass divination, ouija boards and table tipping


- Full use of our ghost hunting equipment such as EMF devices, EVP recorders and Spirit Boxes


- The chance to conduct a lone vigil for the very brave


- Hot and cold drinks and light snacks available throughout the night included in the cost


- A friendly and experienced team of Investigators and mediums giving help and guidance


- Qualified first aider present on a fully insured event


- Access to all areas of the building made available to us


Your Haunted House Adventure at Strelley Hall


Face your fears as you embark upon a ghost hunt at the incredible Strelley Hall in Nottingham! Explore exquisite oak panelled rooms, the ancient medieval castle room and a labrynth of creepy underground tunnels and cellars!! Are you brave enough to go down there alone? Your ghost hunt at Strelley Hall will see you exploring all areas of the building made available to us, where you will be able to experience glass divination, table tipping and a group human pendulum experiment. Plus, for those comfortable enough - Ouija boards will also be on hand for you to use - all to aid your communication with the dead. Also, you will have a whole host of the most up-to-date ghost hunting gadgets to use whilst you carry out your ghost hunt. Taking part in spirit call-outs and wait to see what happens in the silence that follows. Haunted Houses likes to work in small teams to give you the very best experience possible. For the very brave lone vigils (ghost hunting in a room all alone) are very popular and plenty of opportunities to do so will be given.


The Reported Ghosts of Strelley Hall


The most paranormally active areas are the castle room and the panelled room. Allow your mind to picture these rooms as they once were. The hustle of everyday life being ingrained in its walls.  


Sir Nicholas Strelley is known to be the dark figure that roams the hall and grounds. He is believed to be attracted to the young ladies who visit the hall. He is also known to have terrified staff after his death until the present day. Will you attract the presence of this particular spirit!  


The servants from Sir Nicholas’s era are also said to haunt the hall. Were they so attached to their master that they are still dedicated to him!  


The most eerie part of this building has got to be the dark, damp cellars beneath the hall. These cellars have an imposing and oppressive feeling to them and lead to the dungeon. As you walk through these cellars, try to imagine how it must have felt to have been escorted through here knowing where it leads.  What crimes must they have committed to be kept in such a foreboding location! Which spirit will connect to you and try to tell their story?

Around the 20th Century most of the prisoners kept here were poachers. Yet it would not only be the guilty ones, who knew it was wrong, to have been dragged through here but also the innocent people who were simply too poor and wanting something to eat.  


The History of Strelley Hall



The hall was originally built as a castle in 1200AD: however, according to records, no permission was ever sought to crenellate which means it could only ever be classed as a fortified manor. The hall has been substantially modified in the 18th and 19th century. However there are many original features including the castle room; which was part of the ancient tower, the panelled room; which is from the Georgian era and the dungeon is also an original feature and can be discovered along the vast cellars beneath the hall. 


The hall and estate ran through the Strelley family until 1678 when Sir Nicholas Strelley lost the entire estate to Ralph Edge through gambling, believed to be over a game of cards. The Edge family passed the hall through the male line of the family whether by birth or marriage until Miss Emily Edge who died unmarried in 1978. 



What's Included

Strelley Hall, Nottinghamshire

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27th July 2018


19th January 2019