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Here at Haunted Houses we pride ourselves on our customer service and the way in which we run our events. Take a look at what some of our guests have had to say about events that they have attended with Haunted Houses.

Sarah - I attended an event at Woodchester Mansion with Haunted Houses and found the group to be extremely welcoming and professional. They made me feel as though I was a part of the team and I was immediately at ease. The building was very impressive and the welcome meeting was informative but not overly time consuming. We were split into reasonable sized groups and there was the perfect amount of people so you weren't contaminated by the other groups in different areas, you also spent the right amount of time in each area. I thoroughly enjoyed the night and will definitely be booking with Haunted Houses again!

Carl - I  attended Woodchester Mansion and as per usual the Haunted Houses team are always helpful and let you do what you want etc Great value for money, 10/10.

Dave - Well I am running out of good things to say about these fab people and company, they make everyone feel so welcome whether you are new or have been with them before. I shall not be going with another paranormal group EVER.

Marci - I attended Dudley Castle and the Haunted Houses team are so fantastic and welcoming. Had a great night with lots of activity.

Claire - I attended Woodchester Mansion and I enjoyed the event immensely. Haunted Houses are a very professional, well organised team. The vigil leaders are very good, it was great to see them ask the guests what they wanted to do and they encouraged guests to call out and say what they were sensing. I highly recommend this company to any one!

Nigel - Attended a few events with Haunted Houses and had a great time on each event . Last one was Woodchester Mansion, which is an amazing building. Been in three different teams now within your group at differant locations and all are as profesional and enthusiastic as each other and you all make every one feel welcome and at ease, whether it's your first ghost hunt or even the more experienced investigator. You offer people the chance to investigate in different ways and to experience the event that makes you feel part of the team. Can't wait to meet up again, see you on the next one!

Lysa - I've attended most of them this year (easier then listing them off lol) and as always the group are amazing and we always have a fab time, they are all very professional and very welcoming and always go out their way to make sure you enjoy yourself.  Proud to now call them friends of ours  xxx

Jo - I attended the Dudley Castle event. It was absolutely amazing! I loved every part of it. Felt very welcomed by you all and comfortable. Xxx

Reet - Absolutely love the Haunted Houses team! I've been on a few now, most recent Woodchester Mansion and it's a 10/10 again guys. Your professionalism and the way you treat your guests, it really does make us want to keep attending... you're a very unique group and I love you all to bits  xx

Annmarie - Well what can I say... been on a few other ghost investigations with other groups and never felt like I have with Haunted Houses, your team makes us feel so welcome so deffo 10/10. We attended Woodchester and we left our home at 2 o'clock in the afternoon and didn't get back til 7 am the next morning... so to me that just shows how good Haunted Houses is cos of the hours we travel to go on your events xx

Jane - I had a fabulous experience on my first visit with Haunted Houses. The whole team made us feel very welcome. We were encouraged to use any of their equipment. We were well looked after and the whole team really wanted us to enjoy our experience with them. I can whole heartedly recommend them. If you were thinking of giving ghost hunting a go for the first time then book a night to remember with Haunted Houses. I enjoyed my night so much that I booked my second visit soon after the first. I didn't want to miss out.

Nathan - I attended Woodchester Mansion, Dudley Castle and other events with my wife and my mate. There's a feeling within the Haunted Houses group like it's one big family. If you're a returning guest or even a new guest they always make you feel welcome; the event is always about the guests. An amazing team! That's why we will continue to come to the events with Haunted Houses and not with any other company. If you're looking to try a ghost hunt I would recommend Haunted Houses every time.

Michelle & James - Went to Woodchester Mansion and absolutely loved it. Everyone was so friendly and we will definitely join you guys again. Would love to do the Ancient Ram at some point. Soon as you do it, we're there! Thanks for a top night's hunting! Michelle & James xx

Amy-Rose - I really enjoyed my first ever experience of ghost hunting with Haunted Houses, the team made me feel so safe, I will be definitely be joining you on another one :) x

Claire - Had an AMAZING night with Haunted Houses team and cant wait for the next time x