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Many people love the idea of being a ghost hunter but struggle to find the nerve. Or sometimes they just don’t know where to start. We have the knowledge, passion and tools to help. We will teach you to successfully ghost hunt in safety at famous haunted locations, allowing you build up your confidence and learn new skills. Giving you the inspiration and bravery to make ghost hunting your thrilling new hobby.

We have a team of over 50 experienced paranormal investigators that have a passion for ghost hunting,  who also understand the importance of making you feel welcome, informed and empowered. 

We only host our ghost hunting events at locations that have had recent reports of paranormal activity. Each location must also meet our rigid safety requirements for your complete peace of mind when moving around in the dark.. 

We want to inspire, to educate and to help you find REAL Paranormal activity. We do not create false situations for you to experience fake activity, so with Haunted Houses Events only genuine paranormal happenings are guaranteed.  

We offer ghost hunting events, ghost hunting sleepovers, ghost hunts that include dinner or full paranormal weekends. 

Haunted Houses Events is the ghost hunting events company of choice for many. Take a look at the locations we have to offer.

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We provide an event for everyone. Whether it be a budget group event or a smaller, more private daunting event.

Ghost Hunts

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Ghost Hunts

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Ghost Hunts

Spend the night!

The Right Ghost Hunt For You

Haunted Houses Events provide an event for everyone. If it’s your first time or you’re a more experienced Paranormal Investigator – we adapt and put your needs first.