Who We Are and What We Do

Hey there! Welcome to Haunted Houses. We are a ghost hunting experience company founded in 2014. After being left disappointed by ghost hunts led by unfriendly hosts, who left us feeling more like numbers than valued people, we aimed to put that right. We’re all about coming together for some seriously spooky fun!

Our team of friendly, yet proffesional ghost hunters will take you on a wild ride through hauntingly beautiful mansions, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience that’ll leave you wanting more. We’re big on creating connections, so get ready to explore the unexplained with a bunch of like-minded friends you’re yet to meet.

You won’t believe the awesome customer service and genuine paranormal encounters we’ve got in store for you. It’s gonna be a blast as we delve into the world of the supernatural, sharing creepy stories and bonding over our love for ghost-hunting adventures.

So let’s make memories together and dive into this unique and spirited adventure! Haunted Houses Events is the place to be, where inspiration, education, and real paranormal activity come together for an epic time. Come on, join us for the ride of a lifetime with your new ghost-hunting buddies!


In our opinion, What makes us so brilliant?

Our friendly team delivers unforgettable and genuine ghost hunting experiences, in hauntingly beautiful locations.


find the right event for you

We provide an event for everyone. Whether it be a budget group event or a smaller, more private daunting event.

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Ghost Hunts

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Ghost Hunts

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The Right Ghost Hunt For You

Haunted Houses Events provide an event for everyone. If it’s your first time or you’re a more experienced Paranormal Investigator – we adapt and put your needs first.