Ancient Ram Inn Ghost Hunt

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Named as one of the UK’s most haunted houses, the Ancient Ram Inn has always been present in the bucket list of ghost hunters and tourists in the country.  This haunted building has been featured by several local and international television shows including Most Haunted and Ghost Adventures.

What Does a visit to the famous Ancient Ram Inn felt like?

The Ancient Ram Inn has been passed to many owners since it was built in 1145, John Humphries being the latest and most popular owner until his sad death in 2017. Claims have it that this haunted house location was an ancient pagan burial ground. Murders have been recorded to have taken place in the building since it was constructed almost a thousand years ago such as ritually murdered children, burned to death witch, a teenage girl hanged in the attic, and more.

While locals avoid walking past the inn at night, England’s most haunted house is popular to many adventure seekers and those who have an interest in the paranormal. The house has several rooms to which each one has its own haunting story. The sound of a baby crying, a woman and a child’s grave, invisible forces that attack visitors, and violent tremors and bangs, are just a few of many eerie experiences that visitors encounter while ghost hunting in the Ancient Ram Inn. Even by looking at the house from the outside can already give you goosebumps. If you quickly get scared or get nervous, the Ancient Ram Inn is not for you to visit.

If you’re in for an adrenaline rush and mind-blowing experience, then Haunted Houses is all set to help you experience a memorable ghost hunting experience at the famous Ancient Ram Inn. We will help you explore all the areas of the building that are made available to us with the use of up-to-date ghost hunting gadgets.

Our Haunted Houses ghost hunts are done with small groups for the better experience. You may call us on telephone 01782 951 747 to book your ghost hunting adventure and for enquiries. But the most convenient way is to book via our online booking system HERE

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