Ghosts on Trent – Our Paranormal Partners

“Ghosts On Trent”: Fans of Ghosts On Trent may get the chance to meet their heroes, with Haunted Houses Events. Prepare to step into a realm where the ordinary collides with the extraordinary, where the veil between the living and the beyond shimmers with untold secrets waiting for discovery. We’re excited to unveil a collaboration that … Read more

Ghost Hunting Equipment Guide: Your Essentials!

Ghost Hunting Equipment and Experiences: Introduction Hello, fellow seekers of the supernatural! If you’re like me, you’ve always been drawn to the mysterious, the unexplainable, and the eerie. I’m Christopher Chell, a lead investigator from Haunted Houses, and I’ve spent years exploring haunted houses, delving into the unknown, and connecting with spirits from beyond. Today, … Read more

The Ouija Board – Unraveling the Mystery

Introduction Many of us have heard of the Ouija Board, a seemingly harmless game that has become the subject of many horror stories and movies. But have you ever wondered about the real history behind this mysterious object? Long before its association with ghost hunts and the supernatural, the Ouija Board began as a simple … Read more

Haunted Houses Logo -The hidden message

Haunted Houses Logo. But what does our logo really mean? The design actually highlights more than meets the eye. Read on to discover it’s hidden meanings. Our Haunted Houses logo was specifically crafted with the intention of making it eye-catching and conveying the unique spirit of our business. Utilizing colours associated with spooky cartoons and … Read more

The not so secret bunker

The not so secret bunker The not so secret bunker. One of the locations on pretty much every paranormal enthusiast’s list of places to investigate is located in the middle of no-where in Essex, and is reached by entering the front door of a non-descript run down bungalow. Kelvedon Hatch Nuclear Bunker was constructed in … Read more

Dolphin Pub and Hotel, Littlehampton Investigation Report.

The Dolphin Pub and Hotel: Night of Fear and Mystery Unveiling Legends at a Haunting Location On November 30th, 2019, the Haunted Houses team embarked on a riveting journey to the infamous Dolphin Pub and Hotel in Littlehampton. Renowned for its TV appearances and spectral tales, this venue has etched its name in paranormal history. … Read more