Covid-19 and Haunted Houses Events

Covid-19 Keeping You Safe
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How we are keeping you safe on a ghost hunt
How we are keeping you safe on a ghost hunt


Covid-19 and Haunted Houses Ghost Hunting Events.

UPDATED: 23/09/2020

Covid-19. WE are all living in challenging times that require competent due-diligence and respect for hygiene, with a need to follow protection strategies to keep you and your loved ones safe and within current laws.

RIGHTLY, Haunted Houses Events understands that we all must work together to keep everybody safe. We are keeping current with government guidelines from the English, Welsh, and Scottish national governments’ helping to mitigate the risk of Covid-19 on your events.

COVID-19 secure risk assessments have been completed for each of our venues, and we are working with our venues to make sure each venue is safe and workable. We know with confidence that following the plans we can run a safe and low-risk ghost hunting event for you and your friends.

SINCE re-starting on the 7th July 2020, all of our covid-19 policies are built from government guidelines and clear commonsense – and through experience from previous ghost hunts to help us to adapt frequently as required. We are sure you will be happy to hear that these safety restrictions do not dampen the fun of your ghost hunt with us. Having new policies to follow does mean that our close-contact activities usually performed on a ghost hunt must cease though until deemed safe once again.

WE cannot offer a time frame as expected for how long these changes will be in place for; we will adapt and change as required until the time we can run as normal.

Changes that you can expect to see on your ghost hunt to reduce the risks

AS of Monday 14th September  2020 – You may not attend an event in England within a social group greater than six people. those who book a greater number shall have to be separated into smaller groups of no more than five guests and one host. Haunted Houses Events can still operate with more than six people in a building as we have created a controlled Covid-19 secure environment. but these bubbles of six must not interact closely or join together.

WE actively encourage both staff and guests to follow all guidelines on travel to and from your ghost hunt.

ALL venues will be thoroughly cleaned prior to your arrival, doors will be propped open where possible, and windows/doors will be open to provide ventilation where possible.

WE encourage social distance queuing to enter a venue as you did a supermarket during the lockdown; we will stagger the check-in process to allow social distancing. We are also taking the temperatures of all guests and staff on arrival using contactless thermometers.

HAND washing (for 20 seconds) is advisable over hand sanitiser, and should always been done where social distancing can be maintained

A hand sanitising station will be available before entering the building, also at this point we would ask you to put on your mask (provided for if not brought with you) before entering. In England, Scotland and wales masks in indoor public places are now mandatory in all indoor settings

ON signing in, it is now mandatory that you complete our trace and track document, sharing your full name, telephone number, time of arrival and departure. These details are held securely by Haunted Houses Events and a copy is sent to the venue following GDPR rules and securely discarded after 21 days. This data is only collected for this purpose and for no other reason. As of Monday 14th September you may not attend the ghost hunt if this has not been completed.

WHEN you check-in, you will be given a numbered sicker that indicates which group you are in. You will then be directed to your designated briefing area and kept within your bubble.

  • In England: A maximum of six people from multiple households
  • In Scotland: A maximum of six people from two households
  • In Wales: A maximum of six people from an extended household

ALL vigil groups will now run with no more than five guests and one team member in England, (Scottish and Welsh event will not be running until further notice) These “bubbles will all be kept separate and will not mix.

WHERE a venue provides outdoor space, we will use this outdoor space as our break and briefing area. Our events at the Ancient Ram Inn for example has outdoor benches and we provide the refreshments outdoors. We suggest all to make note of weather conditions and dress accordingly should we need to use outdoor spaces.

INDOOR break areas will have allocated seating, or split break times to allow social distancing.

WE will actively encourage all guests to bring their own snacks, flasks of hot beverages and cans of pop etc .. We can now only provide bottled water and sealed crisps/biscuits. . There can be no provision of hot beverages until we can return back to normal so that social distancing can be maintained.

SMOKING areas must maintain social distancing, and toilet use shall have to be a one in – one out system if on the smaller side; we need your assistance from you by always cleaning up after yourself.

SOCIAL distancing is important in keeping our events low-risk. Although we cannot order any person to follow this – we would always have a polite word with any guests persistently not following this activity. We will not be cramming lots of people into small rooms. Many rooms will have maximum numbers permitted and signage will display this on site

PLENTY of hand sanitiser stations will be around the venue and easy to locate. We encourage hand hygiene before, during and after each vigil takes place.

WHERE a venue has provided directional arrows and dedicated entry/exit doors. These must be followed at all times.

ALL vigils and events will run at heavily reduced numbers as much as possible, and social distancing will be maintained throughout

DUE to Haunted Houses being is a company that has lots of equipment for guests to use , Guests can actively use our equipment without having to share. We have a policy in place for the safe use of this equipment which will not allow cross contamination. Once equipment has been used you must leave this in a designated area placed in our tubs specially for depositing used equipment. Fresh equipment will be ready for you to use in the next area you visit.

WE will be running on minimum staff on our events, but who will maintain a clean environment. Their additional role apart from hosting is  to disinfect all touch points like door handles, banisters and door frames  – they will also sanitise the used equipment that you have placed in the tubs ready for use again.

TO work within one metre of each other where two metres isn’t possible, a face covering or mask must be worn on our events.

CERTAIN activities like Ouija boards, glass divination etc… can only be done with those in your party (your bubble) which you travelled with. Like our equipment, we have many Ouija boards on hand so these can be used easily in groups of 2 to 6 during the vigils. Holding hands during vigils won’t be permitted, and human pendulum experiments could be restricted if it means breaking distancing rules.

WE have set limits on how many guests can enter each room within vigil areas, in order to maintain distancing and limit the spread of Covid-19

AFTER the event has finished – we shall control departure by sending a party at a time to the exit so that social distancing does not break down

These rules are not exhaustive and other safety policies may be in operation as each venue dictates 

Key Points:

  • Social distancing will be in place
  • Hand Hygiene will be encouraged throughout your event
  • Face coverings and masks are mandatory
  • Completing our track and trace document, or scanning a QR code (where available) is now mandatory
  • Controls for not spreading Covid-19 will be in force
  • Hot drinks are no longer provided for sorry. You will be encouraged to provide your own.
  • Hand-held equipment use will follow a strict cleaning system
  • Venue hygiene will be thorough, before and during your event
  • Certain close-contact activities cannot take place

Below is an excerpt of a recent guest Facebook review

“In regards to the Coronavirus situation, we had our temperatures taken on the way in, we all had masks and there were sanitisers everywhere around the building, the hosts were also anti-baccing places we’d been and equipment we had used. Myself and my partner will definitely use this company again! They sure did impress.
Haunted Houses Events Ltd - WE'RE GOOD TO GO Certificate 2020
Haunted Houses Events Ltd – WE’RE GOOD TO GO Certificate 2020


You SHOULD NOT attend any event if you or anybody in your household have been experiencing the standard Covid-19 symptoms:

A high temperature or a new and persistent cough

A loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

A person classed as high risk by the NHS

What if your event is cancelled due to another Covid-19 lockdown?

This is a question we hear a lot. Our job here at Haunted Houses is to take you on a safe, well organised and friendly ghost hunt.

Most of our events advertised are running If external forces stop us from providing you with this service we hope that you can support us by accepting an event transfer or credit note to book an alternative event. As a small business such a gesture is a great help to support us during a situation outside of our control, and very tough times for all.

What if the event is safely running, but i don’t want to attend?    

We would hope that we have your full confidence that we value looking after your heath as much as we do our own. If you feel that you would prefer to not attend your booked event, unfortunately our booking terms and conditions do state that we cannot offer a transfer or refund as this would be your personal choice not to attend.

Please do not make a booking unless you are 100% confident in attending a public event. If your event is deemed to be running safely then any refund and transfer refusals can make an awkward situation for you and our admin team.

What if I’m booked onto an event and I’m now having to self-isolate due to coronavirus, or showing symptoms?

Obviously we would not expect you to attend your booked event out of safety of everybody concerned. We would generally ask you to provide evidence where possible that you are isolating or awaiting a test, or have been tested with a positive result. In this case we can transfer your booking to an additional date or offer you a credit note for your booking. 


We hope that you have found this page helpful in deciding to come back to ghost hunting, or if booking with us for the first time. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to send us a message

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