Covid-19 and Haunted Houses Events

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Covid-19 and Haunted Houses Ghost Hunting Events.

As expected, Haunted Houses Events respects that we need to do our part and we are staying up to date with the current government guidelines put into place by the English, Welsh and Scottish governments regarding the mitigation of risk during Covid-19 on pur events.

Covid-19 secure risk assessments have now all been completed for each individual venue, and along with the venue’s own risk assessments we know that if followed we can run safe and low-risk ghost hunting events.

Having new policies to follow does mean obviously that certain high-contact activities must be postponed deemed safe once again.

Having reopened on the 7th July 2020, All of our policies come from not just common senses, but through trial and we can happily say these safety restrictions do not hinder the fun of your investigation with us.

We cannot offer a time frame as expected for how long these changes will be in place for – but we will adapt and change as required until the time we can run as normal again.

Changes that you can expect to see on our events to reduce the risks

  1. We actively encourage both staff and guests to follow all guidelines on travel to and from the event, regarding sharing transport.
  2. We encourage social distancing when waiting to enter a venue, as you would a supermarket. When we open the doors, we will stagger the check-in process to allow a safe arrival. We are also taking temperatures of all guests and staff on arrival using contactless thermometers.
  3. Hand washing (for 20 seconds) is always advisable over hand sanitiser, and should always been done where possible and social distancing can be maintained
  4. A hand sanitising station is available before entering the building, and it is also at this point we would request you to put on your mask (provided for if not brought with you. As this is a costly situation, we may look to charge each guest the cost price for a mask if costs spiral)
  5. On signing in, we actively also encourage to complete our trace and track document, sharing your name, telephone number, time of arrival and departure. These details are held securely following GDPR for 21 days. Only for this purpose and for no other reason.
  6. Where a venue allows outdoor space, we will use this outdoor space as our break and briefing area. Our events at the Ancient Ram Inn for example has outdoor benches and we provide a covered catering area outdoors too
  7. Indoor break areas that are limited in size, will have allocated seating, or split break times
  8. We will actively encourage all guests to bring their own snacks, flasks of hot drink and cans of pop etc .. We will have our catering stations available which you are free to use if bringing your own is not possible, but we will manage this by calling guests up a party at a time to use the facilities, Sanitiser will be available at the time as well as gloves. The urn tap will be cleaned after each use.
  9. Social distancing is going to important. Although we cannot order any person to follow this, we would always have a polite word with any guests persistently not following this activity
  10. All vigils and events will run at heavily reduced numbers
  11. Due to Haunted Houses being a company that has more equipment for guest use than our competitors, Guests can actively use our equipment without having to share. We have a policy in place for the safe use of this equipment which will allow no cross contamination. Once equipment has been used you just have to leave it in the area in our tubs put in place specially for collecting used equipment. Fresh equipment will be ready for you to use in the next area you visit.
  12. We have brought in extra team on our events who we are calling “venue scrubbers” Their role is to move around the location as you leave a room or area, to disinfect all touch points like door handles, banisters and door frames for example – they will also sanitise the equipment that you have placed in the tubs ready for use again.
  13. Face masks are not mandatory right now, but to work within one meter of each other instead of two meters, we will always encourage mask use on our events where they can
  14. Certain tasks like Ouija boards, glass divination etc can only take place in smaller groups, and again only with those in your party you travelled with. Like our equipment, we have many Ouija boards on hand so these can be used easily in groups of 2 to 6 during the vigils. Holding hands during vigils won’t be done, and human pendulum experiments could be restricted if it means breaking distancing rules.
  15. We have set limits on how many guests can enter each room within vigil areas, in order to maintain distancing

These rules are not exhaustive other safety policies may and could be in play as each venue dictates


You SHOULD NOT attend any event if you or anybody in your household have been experiencing the standard covid-19 symptoms:

A high temperature or a new and persistent cough

A loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

A person classed as high risk by the NHS



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