Is food and drink included on a Haunted Houses Ghost Hunt?

Food is only included when stated in the event details. Most of our events include hot and cold drinks and snacks. All guests are welcome to bring sandwiches or personal snacks to our events if you wish too. Ford Green Hall Events require guests to purchase their own drinks and snacks via the onsite cafe.  

Can I carry out my own vigil on your ghost hunts

Yes and No, Haunted Houses works in a very flexible way which can allow guests to conduct lone or small group vigils within the area you are working. Sometimes a venue gives strict instruction that guests are supervised at all times, or venues are that big we cannot risk any guest getting lost. In these … Read more

What happens if I get scared?

Haunted Houses Hosts are trained to deal with this and emotional intelligence is one of the skills we look for in our team members. All venues have a base room which remains lit and is also known as our SAFE ZONE. A team member will remain with you at all times and will be a … Read more

Can I get a refund if i cannot attend the ghost hunt?

Haunted Houses Events cannot offer refunds or transfers for any of our ghost hunting events should you not be able to make it. To do so would be at the cost and loss of the company for no fault of our own. All locations and your places are paid for prior and we are unable … Read more

Am I allowed to bring my camera or video recorder?

Yes of course, we encourage this as you never know what you may catch. We must stress though that Haunted Houses Events or the venue cannot be held accountable for any lost, damaged or stolen personal items whilst attending our events. If a venue does not permit photography or recordings, it will be made clear … Read more

Something has come up and I cannot make it tonight.

If you cannot make the event tonight then please contact us on 07411 289 213 to let us know. Without doing so our Haunted Houses host will be kept waiting on the doorstep for a maximum of 50 minutes waiting for your arrival , concerned that you may be lost or worse.