Can I get a refund if i cannot attend the ghost hunt?

Haunted Houses Events cannot offer refunds or transfers for any of our ghost hunting events should you not be able to make it. To do so would be at the cost and loss of the company for no fault of our own. All locations and your places are paid for prior and we are unable to get a refund on your places. We do understand that sometimes situations outside of your control do happen which mean you cannot make it, these include but not limited to hospital appointments, personal illness, childcare issues and breaking up of relationships. Although we do empathise greatly in all situations we still are not able to refund any money paid for our events or transfer your booked places to another date.

We operate exactly the same as when you book concert or theatre tickets and cannot attend.

You may re-sell or gift your tickets to a third party who are over 18, but we will need to know the new names prior to arrival or admittance may be refused.