What is a deposit:

We allow our guests to reserve their spots on a ghost hunt with a deposit per person, this is usually £20.00 per person, per booking. 

A deposit is not a confirmation of your places, but acts merely as a holding deposit until your places have been confirmed with a final balance payment. 

When is a final balance due?

Any final balances are due 28 days (4 weeks) prior to the event. It is the responsibility of our guests to make these payments on time by logging into their personal Haunted Houses account, payments are not taken out of your account directly by us.

Do we provide payment reminders?

Seven days prior to the balance due date, our helpful automated booking system will issue an email remainder to pay your balance, including a payment link. On the balance due date, a second email reminder and link is issued where a balance remains unsettled.

A booking becomes cancelled if a balance is unpaid by the requested due date, our system will issue a third automated email, letting you know of your booking cancelation, stating that this is due to non-payment of a balance. Deposits are retained by Haunted Houses Events Ltd in this situation.  

Booking cancellations/ number reductions by guest:

As per the booking terms, deposits are retained for bookings cancelled, either directly or by an unpaid balance.  

If you wish to reduce the amount of attendees prior to making your balance payment, please send an email to bookings@haunted-houses.co.uk to request a place be removed from your balance.

Any deposit paid does become forfeited sorry with a reduction in your guest numbers, and a lost deposit cannot be transferred or used as credit against a final balance.  

Haunted Houses Events cannot not make refunds or date transfers should you not be able to make your event on the date which you have booked. This is in line with our booking terms

We do understand that sometimes situations outside of your control do happen which mean you cannot make it, these include but not limited to hospital appointments, personal illness, Weather conditions, childcare issues and breaking up of relationships. Although we do empathise greatly in all situations, we are not in a position to bare the financial loss of any situations of bad luck that we’ve no control of. We are unable to refund any money paid for our events or transfer any booked places to another date.

If you are unable to attend or pay the remaining balance, please inform us right away as all deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Unfortunately, due to the terms of your original booking, Haunted Houses Events is not able to accommodate transfers for events or dates. This is because payments have already been made using your ticket sale to secure the original booking; these payments cannot be recovered by Haunted Houses Events. To transfer your booking to a different date or event, you would need to make a completely new booking, which will require a separate payment.

We do understand that sometimes situations outside of your control do happen which mean you cannot make it, these include but not limited to hospital appointments, personal illness, childcare issues and breaking up of relationships. Although we do empathise greatly in all situations, we are not in a position to bare the financial loss of any bad luck situations that we have no control of. We are unable to refund any money paid for our events or transfer any booked places to another date.

If you cannot make the event tonight then please message the out-of-hours contact number provided on your event details. Without doing so our Haunted Houses host will be left waiting on the doorstep for your arrival. 

If somebody is no longer able to attend then it is possible for you to re-sell or gift any places yourself to an alternative person. We do require to know about the name change prior to turning up at the door. Please email to us the new name(s) to info@haunted-houses.co.uk. Please be aware that anybody attending our events must be over the age of 18, and they must comply with all of our terms and conditions found on this website.

Yes, All Haunted Houses Events Ltd bookings are inclusive of VAT.

Our VAT Registration Number is: 427 5567 71

This excludes sales of Night Terrors Limited events (3o East Drive/ Four Crosses Inn) These events are sold and operated by a trusted third party and do not include VAT  

Your confirmation/receipt email, issued from Haunted Houses, will detail the date that your remaining balance must be paid by. This is usually 28 days prior to the event.

Remaining balance details are also shown in your Account page on the website. It is your responsibility to ensure payment is made by the deadline, however, we will issue a reminder as the date approaches if payment has not been received.

Failure to pay a balance on time could result in your deposit being forfeited and place being lost and  offered to someone else.

Sorry, Haunted Houses Events no longer accepts Paypal payments for bookings. All payments for bookings are now made via Credit/Debit card via a secure payment gateway – provided by SAGE pay.

If you are struggling to pay via the website or would prefer to speak to someone over the phone please call us on 0330 333 92 33  Please note: We are only available to take calls during office hours.

Monday: 9am – 5pm

Tuesday: 9am – 5pm

Wednesday: CLOSED

Thursday: 9am – 5pm

Friday: 9am – 3pm

Saturday: CLOSED

Sunday: CLOSED

Bank Holidays: CLOSED

Voicemail is available out of hours

If you will be pregnant during your event, please inform us. We will assess whether it is safe for you to attend and, if not, will credit your Haunted Houses Events booking account until a time when you can attend safely in the future.

All confirmation emails are sent out automatically by our online booking system. Please make sure you have checked your junk or spam folder for a confirmation email before contacting us direct. Please add bookings@haunted-houses.co.uk to your address book or safe sender list to ensure that our future emails, (such as the full event details) arrive in your inbox. 

Haven’t received your email confirmation? please email bookings@haunted-houses.co.uk 

We run ticketless events at Haunted Houses; a guest list is operated on arrival which will have all your names down that you supplied to us at the time of booking. You do not need to bring any confirmation documents with you to gain entry.

Food is not normally provided at our events unless stated at the booking stage. Guests are more than welcome to bring snacks or sandwiches if they would like something to eat during breaks. 

We will offer complimentary beverages such as tea, coffee, and fruit squashes for all attendees. However, you can also bring your own fizzy drinks and/or fresh fruit juices, as those won’t be provided.

Attendees of Ford Green Hall Events need to buy their own refreshments from the cafe on-site, at their own expense.

Yes, all of our locations have toilet facilities for your convenience. Most are well-maintained, however if you choose to investigate an abandoned building or location with us it must be noted that the bathrooms will also be in an abandoned state and may lack handwashing facilities. Sanitiser is therefore required. 

Haunted Houses Events works on the ratio of 8 guests per group as often as possible. We are aware others operate with much larger numbers. We pride ourselves on smaller groups. We don’t just say we do small groups – we do it . 

Smaller Venue: when a venue has two vigil areas you can expect 16 places to be available or sold

Medium Venue: When a venue has three vigil areas you can expect 24 places to be available or sold

Larger Venue: when a venue has four vigil areas you can expect 32 places to be available or sold

Each vigil area is carefully planned out to avoid cross contamination from other groups and where possible, each area will have a different feel from the last. 

30 East Drive: The Guest number is 10 or less as per all other event companies

Note: On rare occasions it may not be possible to keep our groups to 8. Variables in group bookings in odd numbers can slightly increase/reduce the group sizes.

Not at all, you may leave your event early but we ask that it is done so at a convenient time such as during a break, or where a free team member is available to unlock the doors and car park.

If leaving it is essential that you let one of our team members know that you are leaving out of fire safety and site security. 

We do not allow guests to come and go during the events. If you do sign out of an event the location is once again locked behind you. You may not re-enter again so any leaving during an event is final. 

Yes where a location allows it. Haunted Houses Events has the flexibility which can allow guests to conduct lone or personal group vigils within the areas in which you are working so as not to disturb other guests. Sometimes a venue gives strict instruction that guests are supervised at all times, or venues are too small to allow separated vigils without it causing disruption to other paying guests. In these circumstances we cannot permit own vigils sorry.

Haunted Houses is open to private investigation teams joining us on our events, and if the group is 7 or more we can keep these teams (if possible) into their own group with a Haunted Houses host (for insurance reasons), which in effect will give you the freedom to investigate your way. We just ask that the group remains in the dedicated vigil areas, is respectful of other paying guests experiences and rotates around the building in sync with the event timings.

Yes of course but we always state that you do so at your own risk. Haunted Houses Events cannot be held accountable for any lost, damaged or stolen personal items.

Equipment brought must be battery operated. Haunted Houses Events reserves the right to ask you not to use equipment if it is deemed too noisy or overbearing at the detriment of our other guests.  

Yes of course, we encourage this as you never know what you may catch. We must stress though that Haunted Houses Events or the venue cannot be held accountable for any lost, damaged or stolen personal items whilst attending our events. If a venue does not permit photography or recordings, it will be made clear to you prior to attendance. Failure to respect a venues wishes would result in your removal from the event without a refund through, so please respect a venue’s request.

Haunted Houses Hosts are trained to deal with this and emotional intelligence is one of the skills we look for in our team members. All venues have a base room which remains lit and is also known as our SAFE ZONE. A team member will remain with you at all times and will be a calming influence. If very scared you are permitted to leave early but we cannot offer any full or partial refund sorry.

Whenever feasible, we always strive to give our guests some Free time during the event. Nevertheless, certain venues may not permit this, or changes in the site of the event might necessitate an alteration of what was originally advertised.