Sulgrave Manor

Transport yourself back in time on a ghost hunt at Sulgrave Manor. This amazing location has many layers of history to uncover as you investigate the many rooms it has to offer in the dead of night.

Bron y Garth Hospital

A ghost hunt and sleepover at Bron y Garth is not for the faint hearted. This is a huge location to investigate with several floors, sprawling corridors and countless creepy, derelict rooms; includes even a mortuary!

The Grand Pavilion

The beautiful and imposing Grand Pavilion is nestled away in the picturesque valley of Matlock Bath but don’t let that fool you, this haunted building has a very dark, eerie and spooky feel inside as well as many ghostly reports.

Ashbourne Town Hall

Built in 1861 on the site of the old Talbot Inn, which had a reputation as a Den of iniquity, Ashbourne Town Hall is the perfect setting for a night of ghost hunting!

Anzio Army Camp | Ghost Hunts

Go ghost hunting at a unique and intriguing location in North Staffordshire; Anzio Army Camp has all qualities and characteristics of a spooky overnight ghost hunt.

Avenue House Ghost Hunt

Spend an evening ghost hunting at Avenue House in London with Haunted Houses. This grade II listed Victorian Mansion has many stories to tell. What will you discover as you investigate this haunted house?!!

Ashwell Prison

Ashwell Prison is immense in size and enclosed behind high fencing. The location gives ghost hunters a real creep factor by day, but come night it takes on a real dark and sinister appearance.