Woodchester Mansion

Woodchester Mansion exterior

Woodchester Mansion is a fascinating and awe inspiring but an extremely terrifying location. It is surrounded by woodland and there is no quick escape for those who wish to flee in terror.

The Village

The Village exterior

Home to the “The Mist Phenomenon” recently captured and seen in many news reports. The Village is not for the faint of heart.

Skirrid Inn

Skirrid Inn exterior

Said to be the oldest public house in Wales, this building in Monmouthshire has lay witness 182 hangings by the neck until dead.

Shire Hall

Shire Hall exterior

Built on the site of the original Herefordshire prison, Shire Hall gives the concerning ghost hunter plenty or areas and levels of history to explore, from court rooms to dark cellars and creepy cells.

Ryecroft Hall

Ryecroft Hall exterior

A favourite location of Haunted Houses’, Ryecroft Hall has never disappointed and is a very active place for an exciting night of ghost huning for all!

The Oak House

The Oak House exterior

Guests at The Oak House have personally experienced lots of physical activity from moving furniture, footsteps and even being hissed at from an unwelcoming spirit

Old Haunted School

Old Haunted School exterior

Disembodied screams and shouting, cold breezes, feelings of being touched and watched – The school built by George Herbert Strutt has had it all reported over the years.


Nantclwyd-y-Dre exterior

With it’s twisting corridors, ancient rooms and antique furniture your ghost hunt at Nantclwyd y Dre will surely give you the creeps!

Margam Castle

Margam Castle high ceiling

Located in Port Talbot, South Wales this is a location you simply must visit for an overnight ghost hunt. This towering Gothic mansion is a location of great beauty, but also of sheer fright!

Haden Hill Hall

Haden Hill Hall exterior

Exclusive to Haunted Houses Events and limited to just four visits per year, this location has lots of ghost stories and with limited access permitted here, this is not one to miss!