The Dolphin Hotel

Ghost Hunting Experiences at the Dolphin Hotel in Littlehamton, Sussex "AS SEEN ON T.V". Most haunted Hotel in the South East

The pub has become a place of legend and infamy after appearances on TV, and the alleged spirits that haunt the walls within.

Castle Goring

Castle Goring is a magnificent Art Deco stately home in Goring, West Sussex dating back to the late 1700s. It is now the family home of “I’m a celebrity” Lady Colin Campbell (Lady C).

Harwich Redoubt Fort

Ghost Hunt at Harwich Redoubt Fort, Essex, South East

The Redoubt Fort is known for its terrifying paranormal activity. This is a location that has witnessed full bodied apparitions, the Holy Grail for any ghost hunter.

Kelvedon Hatch

Kelvedon Hatch Ghost Hunt, Essex, Nuclear Bunker South East

The paranormal phenomena reported at Kelvedon Hatch has rightfully earned its fearsome reputation as one of the most haunted sites in England.

St. George’s Hall

St. Geroges Hall Ghost Hunt in Liverpool

This building has had various reports of supernatural occurrences, and has played host to the Most Haunted team for a live investigation!

Ashwell Prison

Immense in size and locked away behind prison fencing, this prison gives ghost hunters a real creep factor in the day, but come night, that is when it takes on a real sinister appearance.

Shrewsbury Prison

Shrewsbury Prison Ghost Hunt

Your ghost hunt at HMP Shrewsbury Prison “The Dana” will see you exploring this haunted location in the dark. Are you ready to be creeped out?

Caldicot Castle

Old Haunted Castle Ghost Hunt

Your overnight ghost hunt at Caldicot Castle, South Wales with Haunted Houses Events.

Shepton Mallet Prison

Shepton Mallet Prison Ghost Hunt, also known as Cornhill. Home to the Cray Twins. Most Haunted Prison in the UK, Somerset ghost hunt

Your ghost hunt at Shepton Mallet will see you exploring in the dark when everybody else you know has gone to bed.

Llanthony Secunda Manor

800 year old manor house in South Wales, Once owned by King Henry VIII. haunted old house in Wales. Ghost hunting and ghost tour. building to investigate in south wales. Paranormal investigation. Llanthony Secunda Manor Ghost Hunting and Sleepover in South Wales with Haunted Houses. Includes a cooked breakfast in the morning. Book with a £20 deposit.

What could be more exciting than spending the night ghost hunting at a haunted 800-year-old medieval manor house!

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