Ghost Hunt Sleepover Events


Introducing Haunted Houses Events “Sleepover Ghost Hunts!”

Get ready for an exhilarating adventure that goes beyond the ordinary! Experience the thrill of ghost hunts with an added twist – the opportunity to sleep on location amidst the mysteries that await.

“Things that go bump in the night!”

Our Sleepover Ghost Hunts not only guarantee spine-tingling excitement but also save you from hotel costs and late-night travels. Stay immersed in the supernatural as you continue your own investigations into the wee hours.

“What you’ll need to bring with you”

Unless stated otherwise, bring your own sleeping bags and something to lie on, like a camp bed or mat. Whether you choose to sleep or continue the quest, it’s entirely up to you!

Join us for an optional, unforgettable night of ghostly encounters and leave at any time you please. Don’t miss this chance to experience the paranormal like never before! Book your spot now and let the thrill unfold!

*All sleepovers are optional. There is no additional cost to stay over and you may leave at anytime. At selected venues only.