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Haunted Houses Events Ltd – Covid-19: Advice for our ghost hunting guests

The World Health Organisation has confirmed that coronavirus has reached pandemic proportions, so in response Haunted Houses Events has put together this advice for our guests booked to attend, or those thinking of doing so.

During this time, all events are planned to go ahead unless the venue owner cancels the event, or we encounter a situation where events are cancelled nationwide. At this time all bookings are covered by terms and conditions detailed during the booking stage.

As a company, what precautions have we taken:

  1. No team member of Haunted Houses Events is permitted to host an event if they have shown any signs of flu-like symptoms or live with anybody in their household who has.
  2. All equipment that we use is being sanitised before, during and after each event, and during breaks.
  3. All 30 East Drive events (and other sleepover event venues) will have additional precautions taking place, the team will arrive earlier to completely sanitise all surfaces for yours and our peace of mind. Sleeping over at East Drive is optional so you may decide to depart after your investigation if you have concerns of sharing sleeping space, or seek alternative accommodation (not covered by Haunted Houses Events)
  4. All our refreshments are individually wrapped where possible, including biscuits, sugar, milk etc
  5. Our company has a lot of regular guests who become our close friends, but our team have been instructed to avoid hand shaking and hugging of others during this time.
  6. We will not be asking any guest to hold hands during our protection prayer, or during any of our vigils
  7. We are restricting activities (such as human pendulums) during the events that involve touch contact.

As a customer, what precautions can you take:

  1. If you are booked onto an event and feeling unwell with flu-like symptoms, we ask that you do not attend the event. Please contact us as soon as possible by email to info@haunted-houses.co.uk
  2. If you have any underlying health conditions and you are afraid that attending the event may be a danger to you – please do not attend at let us know as soon as possible if you have already booked.
  3. Please wash your hands for at least 20 seconds often. Please do this before, during and after your event, especially during breaks or helping yourself to any refreshments. If you have hand sanitiser then we recommend that this is brought with you to use at regular intervals if hand washing facilities are not immediately available – but please note: Sanitiser is not an alternative to hand washing.
  4. Please carry personal tissues with you on your event, always catching any cough or sneeze, before throwing it away in a bin or down a toilet (please don’t use our bin that is in place by our refreshments table out of hygiene) Please was your hands after any such activity. If you do not have a tissue always sneeze or cough into you arm/elbow
  5. We ask please that we social distance ourselves of about 3ft as best as possible, we are aware that this is very difficult to do on a ghost hunt and some may choose not to follow this, but please respect those who have said they wish to do this and honouring their request.
  6. Please avoid touching your eyes, nose, mouth or the face without thoroughly washing your hands first.
  7. Avoid touching surfaces unnecessary, Please still use hand rails – and door handles (maybe by using your sleeve), but it may be good practice to keep your hands in your pockets so that you do not have the urge to touch areas of the building which may be contaminated by another. Please do not touch your face until you have washed your hands, or if not possible sanitised your hands after touching such surfaces.
  8. Our equipment is there for you to use and we will be sanitising it for each of the vigils (70 minute sessions) – but we understand should you wish to not hold any equipment that others have used in the vigil before you.

These moves are precautionary measures and we are acting on government advice. You can find more precautionary advice on Covid-19 on the NHS website

We are monitoring this situation and will update all booked onto upcoming events of any changes.

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