Haunted places of Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent


Haunted places of Staffordshire – By Christopher Chell

Stoke-on-Trent as a city was born out of the industrial revolution, and in particular it was famed for its world-class pottery. Staffordshire itself is known as “the creative county”, specifically for it’s creative industries and beautiful landscape.

Yet, what of the tales of the areas hauntings, such as its mysterious ghostly children still plying their trade, or Moorland boggets?

Staffordshire’s number one ghost hunting events company Haunted Houses Events invites you to read about some of Stoke-on-Trent’s and Staffordshire’s MOST HAUNTED buildings, locations and places – and perhaps even investigate them yourself.

Ford Green Hall

  • Location: Smallthorne, Stoke-on-Trent
  • Building Type: Timber framed farmhouse
  • Date Built: 1624
Haunted places of Staffordshire
Ford Green Hall exterior

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One of our top haunted places of Staffordshire, is Ford Green Hall. The oldest building in Stoke-on-Trent.  Specifically built as a Yeomans dairy farm by Hugh Ford and his family.  The Ford Family lived at Ford Green Hall for over 200 years up until the 19th century. Whereupon, Ford Green Hall was then split into three separate cottages housing three families.

Since 2017, Haunted Houses Events has hosted ghost hunting events for the public at Ford Green Hall. Whilst to some in may be true that ghosts do not exist – Ford Green Hall can report some very strange occurrences, all that have been encountered by our guests, team and Ford Green staff.

Before we delve into the details of the human element to our spirit encounters here. It is well worth discussing the resident cat.

A house cat is seen running into a Parlour by many, on searching this cat is nowhere to be found in spite of there only being one way in, and one way out again. Is this the ghost of a cat whom comfortably lived at Ford Green Hall, who never wanted to leave?

Dark shadows have been witnessed moving in the corners of rooms, and also on stairways. Rather unsettling for many but still all to common a sight. Perhaps this is the spirit of Hugh Ford,  said to be watching closely whilst you are a guest in his home.

Leopard Inn

  • Location: Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent
  • Building Type: Public House
  • Date Built: 1640
Haunted Locations in Staffordshire
The Leopard Inn exterior

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Watch out for flying glasses that have been reported here.

A tall and sinister man is said to roam the now decrepit upper corridors, perhaps he is now searching for his next victim. For this man with his goatee beard and sideburns was in life a known murderer of woman, known to of carried out his crimes within this very building.

The spirits of the Leopards former owners are said to be seen moving between rooms, both Landlady Mary, and following Landlord James Norris are said to remain at their once proud establishment. James is particularly known to be uppity and likes to show you his position of power.

People have reported violent encounters in the abandoned rooms of the Leopard, unseen hands at their throats said to hold them tightly against walls, a threatening action that will be sure to see you leaving in a hurry.

Anzio Army Camp

  • Location: Blackshaw Moor, Nr Leek
  • Building Type: Disused World War II Army Base
  • Date Built: 1943
Haunted locations on Staffordshire
Anzio Army Camp yard


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On a dark and remote landscape, the Staffordshire Moorlands has long-held traditions which also include a ghost story or two.

A headless horseman is one of the most popular tales, whos seen racing in the distance across the desolate landscape. Others talk about the story of the mermaid, who lures unsuspecting travellers to a watery grave at a nearby pool. While it may not be true – However, so popular is this myth a local pub the Mermaid Inn at Morridge, takes its name from the legend.

Witch Hunting!

Joshua Linnet a local witch hunter frequented the Mermaid Pool, situated close to Anzio Camp. Seeking out and questioning suspect women.

Witches were discovered with Trial by Ordeal. A rope bound the feet and hands, with a hanging rope around the waist. Also the torso had a knot a particular distance from it.

If the knot and accused both dipped beneath the surface of the water, the accused was proven innocent. The defendant was guilty If the knot was dry.  This was proof the accused was in league with the Devil. On one occasion, such a test led to a girl being drowned.

Legend says that three days later, as Linnet was passing the pool, The girls ghost reached out and dragged him in to his death. The Witches, people say, continue their macabre dance of death as ghosts around this ancient area. It is claimed that this peat stained pool is bottomless, cattle refuse to drink here and also birds never fly above it.

Anzio Army Camp

Anzio Army Camp is based in such an ancient landscape with a long cold history of death and torture. In addition the trail passing Anzio (now A53) was once littered with the hanging bodies of criminals, rotting away in gibbets on roadsides as a warning to all would be wrong doers!!

Shadow people have been reported to be lurk in the old buildings, giving the constant feeling of being watched. Haunted Houses guests have been made to feel physically ill, faint and unsteady more than once.

But what of the land? There are many sightings of supernatural dogs in the area, centring around a big black dog called a ‘boggart.’ Sightings of the spectral dogs are strongest on the moorlands of the Peak District, land that is occupied by Anzio Camp, and tales of the Kinder Boggart terrify walkers.

At any rate, it’s not hard to imagine how scared you would feel lost on the moors up there when thick fog descends and a figure on all fours is seen approaching!!

Gladstone Pottery Museum

  • Location: Longton, Stoke-on-Trent
  • Building Type: Dissued Pottery Works
  • Date Built: 1787
Haunted Places of Staffordshire
Gladstone Pottery Museum

Gladstone Pottery is situated in Longton and is a good example of a complete Victorian pottery works, furthermore it was one of the first factories to start pottery manufacturing in Stoke-on-Trent. closing in 1960

Spirit children and grown men in Victorian clothes are often seen wandering the site, possibly carrying out their duties in death as they did so in life. Is this a place haunted by it’s past? Visitors have often reported strange smells of burning, and feelings of their clothing being tugged from below. Heavy footsteps have been heard by staff, and on investigation failing to find the cause

Poltergeist activity has also made its mark here, The Doctor’s house is arguably the most active area of the site, where items have been witnessed to seemingly move – all on their own accord.

Gladstone Pottery Museum is unfortunately closed to paranormal investigators, which we feel is a very real shame.









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