Dudley Castle

Built in the 11th century, Dudley Castle has seen its fair share of battles, tragedy, murder, torture so it’s no surprise that many spirits still remain haunting the castle to this day

Falstaff Experience

A popular visitor attraction by day – but by night it is said to be one very active location rife with paranormal activity and dread!

Four Crosses Inn

*Our best selling ghost hunt location, year after year.

The Four Crosses Inn is one of our most popular locations that has given our ghost hunters some very spooky experiences!

Haden Hill Hall

Embark on a ghost hunt to discover the dark secrets of Haden Hill Hall with trapdoors leading into dark passageways, an entombed Monk, ghostly maidens, and small children are seen and heard. This location has a plethora of ghost stories. Limited to just four ghost hunts per year so not one to miss!