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Paranormal Investigator Job
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Paranormal Investigator – Becoming a voluntary events host with Haunted Houses Events Ltd



– Free entry to many of the UK’s most haunted locations

– Free Uniform (a returnable holding deposit is required)

– Free or subsidised accommodation when required

– Travel expenses covered to and from locations

– Being part of a fun and energetic team

– A great experience which will create amazing memories

– A chance to work with a long established and respected team

– Take part in our private events and investigations, such as parties, camping trips and private ghost hunts



  • Somebody who is 18 years or over If you are below 18 then i’m afraid we cannot consider your application.
  • A dedicated team member who can offer a minimum of TWO NIGHTS per month on a Friday, Saturday or both
  • Somebody who is very reliable and understands that not turning up for an event or being unavailable creates a stressful situation for their team mates – We need people who we can count on all the time, not just some of the time.
  • Somebody who can get themselves to a location – on time using their own car but are also willing to car share with team members to keep down costs for our guests. The right person will understand that on occasion long distances need to be covered with late night traveling.
  • A person who understands that working a ghost hunting event is not the same as “going on a free ghost hunt” and that it should never be seen this way. You understand that you are there to help our guests, even if you have already visited the location many times before you will be passionate about the venue and the event.
  • You will be somebody who enjoys life, has an egoless personality, and enjoys sharing fun times with strangers. The right person must be very approachable, be very friendly and ideally have a background in a busy customer service roll.
  • To have a healthy interest in the paranormal and know that every tap, bang and whistle may not be spirit. Our right candidate will understand that our guests are looking for a genuine experience but not looking for trance mediumship, or to be scared by stories of demons hiding in the room. You will understand that as team your objective is to allow the guests to experience their own night without any negative influences from you. You understand that if found to be faking activity you will not be permitted to attend further events.
  • Ideally you will have already attended a Haunted Houses Events Ltd ghost hunt or similar, You will understand how an event works and be familiar with how it should run in an organised and timely way. A suitable candidate who has previously worked for a third-party team will understand that each company is different. Haunted Houses Events Ltd has its own culture of operation, so our new team member should readily adapt to the Haunted Houses teams’ methods of event running, but with freedom to highlight areas of improvement when seen.
  • An understanding that the position is voluntary and appreciate that being a part of the team is an extension of your paranormal hobby or interest. Being a member of our team shall not cost you anything, but nor shall you make anything from it. It is your passion, not money, which keeps your motivation.
  • The right candidates will be confident enough to work well on their own (when trained) and will work well also as a team – You understand that you must take an active part in the investigation, leading guest vigils with enthusiasm. Standing back all night lending very little to the event (being a wallflower) or letting your colleague do all the work is not what we require from our Haunted Houses team members.
  • You’ve to understand that Haunted Houses Events Ltd follows strict rules and guidelines along the lines of health and safety, data protection and standard operating and dress procedures. The protection of our guests is paramount, and health and safety is in the thoughts of all we do at all times.
  • You understand that just because you love the paranormal and this position sounds thrilling, it doesn’t mean you have what it takes to be part of a very successful and hardworking public events team. If you lack the dedication to be a team player, friendliness and only wish to apply because you see this as an opportunity to have a free ghost hunt then this opportunity is not be for you. An attitude and outlook such as this do not deliver the guest experience we strive for. We cannot stress enough that being a host is not the same as ghost hunting yourself and is an observational roll.
  • You understand that you will be asked to leave the team to make way for a more suitable candidate if you become a passenger rather than an active team player. A three-event probationary period will apply where you must show you have willingness and dedication to be a team member.

About Us

Haunted Houses Events Ltd, based in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire UK. Was founded as a hobby by Christopher Chell and Benjamin Key in February 2014. Today it has now grown into one of the UK’s largest Ghost Hunting Events companies offering exceptional ghost hunting experiences to members of the public in England, Scotland and Wales. In 2018 Haunted Houses Events Ltd ran 90+ Ghost hunting events all over the UK, and in 2019 we will see this number of events rise to 170+.

We have team members spread throughout the UK from London, right up to The North West – plus North and South Wales teams have been established to take care of the huge ghost hunting demand that this area has.

As a company, Haunted Houses Events Ltd has now invested tens of thousands of pounds in ensuring that we can offer our guests the best experiences possible, but the back bone of all this investment is our family of event hosts, team leaders and event managers.

Haunted Houses Events Ltd team members are known thought the UK for their very friendly and approachable manner, professionalism, for being genuine, and for having great knowledge in their craft. Each team member has their own talents to offer to our Haunted Houses guests, which is what helps us to continue to grow.

In 2019 we reach our fifth birthday and we would love for the right candidates to join our celebration and help to deliver some of the UK’s most amazing spooky nights imaginable.


To apply for this exciting opportunity and play a big part in delivering exceptional ghost hunting experiences for our UK wide ghost hunters, please CONTACT US

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