Staffordshire Ghost Tour

Ghost tours are a great way to see some of Staffordshire’s famous landmarks in a different light. You may have visited Staffordshire and the famous attractions such as Alton Towers, Shugborough Hall or Trentham Estate but now is the opportunity to see the county in a different light.

We are historians not ghost hunters, don’t expect someone in a costume to jump out from behind a curtain to scare you. Our aim is to share with you the true stories (or as close to realism as believed to be). If you are spending the day exploring Staffordshire’s rich history and heritage but want the day to continue beyond going back to your hotel room then join us for a night out once local attractions close.

You may see a ghost

We can’t make any promises that you may see a ghost but it has happened. We don’t make up stories to spook you, but sharing with you the true stories of curses, murder, affairs and eerie coincidences from the past.

What to Expect on your ghost tour

  • Ghost hunting in small, personal groups
  • An introduction to ghost hunting techniques and equipment for first timers
  • Psychic and scientific experiments throughout the night
  • A Psychic medium on hand to give guidance on most ghost hunts (when available)
  • Lone vigils in the dark for the very brave
  • Full use of our equipment
  • Friendly, energetic and professional hosts

    Staffordshire Ghost Tour Locations

    The Leopard Inn

    Your ghost hunt at the Leopard Inn will take you from a seemingly cozy town centre pub, into what will look like hell on earth, an area that would look just right in the creepiest of horror movies.

    Four Crosses Inn

    Your ghost hunt at the Four Crosses will unravel the layers of time as you enter and feel its heavy energy immediately hit you.

    Ford Green Hall

    Built in 1624, This beautiful building by day makes for an eerie experience by night, Ford Green Hall has all the right elements to not only look like, but to be a creepy old haunted house.

    More information about the venue including images, history, ghosts, location and availability can be found on the Ghost Tours overview page or For offline enquiries & bookings please call 01782 951747 (10:00am – 7:00pm, Mon – Fri).