Emma Bacon ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Well what can I say with out getting to excited…….it was AMAZING!!! My first official ghost hunt. Chris & his team (and the spirits) were professional, polite & welcoming, they took into consideration I had no experience on an organised event although I’m not a non believer in the spirit world I just didn’t know what to expect.
I did however have my first experience of the Ouija Board also…….I was blown away by this and I think my reaction was noticed by the team members & other guests…it was very over whelming and although the story was of a sad one it was intriguing too. I did feel & see things which Chris & the others weren’t aware of but other guests had said what they felt & heard or seen so I know I wasn’t alone in what some may think as our minds playing tricks.
It’s fair to say I will be going on another event, when & where who knows but I’m already looking forward to it….combined with my love of History I would highly recommend Haunted Houses as they can guide you through the experience of the spirit world!

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