Mandy Lowe ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Hi Chris, Ben & “The Gang”


Just wanted to say thank you for an amazing weekend! (Ghosts, Myths and Legends Weekend)


We enjoyed it from start to finish.


The accommodation & it’s setting was absolutely wonderful, to be fair, we didn’t expect such luxury!


You pampered us all completely, we’ve never eaten so much. The food was lovely and so much of it. Next time and THERE will be one, you must get people to ” muck ” in and not let you wait on them hand and foot…there’s always some. You must be exhausted.

The whole weekend experience has been thoroughly enjoyable, we loved it!

As soon as you plan the next one for this venue ..please please count us in.

We’re going to browse the website to see which others we can manage.


You are so professional in your organising and truly a lovely friendly bunch. Definitely the best we gone with!

Thank you again…


Mandy & Jeanie xx


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