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The Estes Method: Introduction

Let’s talk about the Estes Method. But first! Confession time. Brace yourselves for an avalanche of honesty that’s akin to asking people whether they adore or detest marmite. Ready? Here it is: I have a genuine fondness for paranormal gadgets. There, I said it. While I might have expressed this sentiment with a hint of jest, the truth remains. I’m genuinely enamored by the flashing lights and beeping symphonies of these technological contrivances. Granted, I acknowledge that the “evidence” they provide isn’t incontrovertible; it’s a fragment of the narrative, not the entire tale. So, let’s give a nod to the squad that’s anti-equipment.

The Estes Method Defined

The realm of experimentation and innovation within the gadgetry is boundless, including the tweaking of established methodologies like the Estes Method.

I’m fortunate to have crossed paths with the key players in the Estes Method, namely Connor Randall and Karl Pfeiffer. In fact, I even had the privilege of interviewing Karl for my upcoming book, “A Haunted Experiment.” However, in this piece, let’s delve into the nuances of this specific experiment.

Origins of the Estes Method

You might assume that “Estes” refers to the investigator who pioneered this technique. However, it’s not named after an individual. The method draws its name from Estes Park, Colorado. It was at the iconic Stanley Hotel – yes, the very one that conjures images of “Here’s Johnny!” – that Connor and Karl, as part of the resident paranormal team, formulated this method to establish novel means of interacting with the spirits inhabiting the locale.

The Estes Method shares striking parallels with earlier research known as the Ganzfeld Method. This approach, championed by Wolfgang Metzger, a proponent of Gestalt Theory, incorporates techniques that are now embraced by Estes enthusiasts.

What Is the Estes Method?

To embark on an Estes session, you’ll need a spirit box, commonly the PSB-7, good-quality headphones, at least two participants, and a blindfold. The rationale behind this setup is to eliminate extraneous sensory inputs, ensuring that the receiver’s mind is solely tuned into the noise emanating from the PSB-7. Trust among the participants is crucial, for once the headphones are in place and the white noise envelops the ears – an eerie sensation in itself – coupled with the blindfold, it’s all too easy for someone prone to nervousness to be overwhelmed.

The receiver, isolated by a blindfold and submerged in white noise, begins to decipher the messages they perceive amid the static. Concurrently, the sender – the other participant – initiates a series of questions. This dynamic aims to counteract audio pareidolia, the tendency to hear patterns where none exist, as the receiver remains ignorant of the posed questions.

Enhancements to the Method

I’ve contributed a modification (though others have also adopted it), incorporating digital recorders. Utilize a pair, one to capture the spirit box’s output, the exclusive auditory domain of the receiver, and the other to document the exchange of queries and responses. It’s truly fascinating when playback reveals a third voice offering answers divergent from the receiver’s input.

Persisting Through Challenges

What if the communication falters? Don’t lose heart. Explore different locales, swap roles between the receiver and sender, vary the interrogatives – the avenues of experimentation are limitless.

The Haunting Experience

Haunted Houses Events often includes an Estes session during their ghost hunts. Join one of their ghost hunts to try out this method for yourself.

About the Author

This article is exclusively crafted for Haunted Houses Events by Penny, the host of the Haunted Histories podcast on Parasearch Radio every Wednesday. Penny is a contributor to Haunted Magazine and the author of “My Haunted History.” Her second book, “A Haunted Experiment,” is slated for release in early 2020.

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