The Ouija Board – Unraveling the Mystery

The Ouija Board. A Brief History.


Many of us have heard of the Ouija Board, a seemingly harmless game that has become the subject of many horror stories and movies. But have you ever wondered about the real history behind this mysterious object? Long before its association with ghost hunts and the supernatural, the Ouija Board began as a simple parlour game in the mid-1800s.

The Ouija Board: A Fascinating History

The name “Ouija Board” is a brand name, and was first introduced in 1891 by businessman Elijah Bond, who filed the patent for the board. He and his associates claimed that it was an innovative tool for communication with the spiritual realm. However, the idea of a talking board was not entirely new. Talking boards, also known as spirit boards, had been around since the early 1800s. These boards were used in the spiritualist movement, which was popular during that time. Spiritualists believed in the existence of spirits and the afterlife and used these boards to communicate with them.

The Early 20th Century: A Time of Sensation

However, the board became a sensation in the early 20th century. It was marketed as a game and sold in toy stores across the United States and Canada. The popularity of the board skyrocketed after the outbreak of World War I, when many families were grieving for lost loved ones. During the war, spiritualism became a way for families to find closure and communicate with the deceased. The Ouija Board became an instrument for this communication and, as a result, its sales increased. The board’s popularity led to controversy, with many religious groups condemning it as a tool for devil worship and communicating with evil spirits. Some claimed that the board could even be dangerous and result in possession.

The Mid-20th Century: A Fascination Among the Youth

In the 1960s and 70s, it became a sensation among young people who sought to connect with the beyond, with many stories of strange and eerie experiences surrounding the board’s usage. Despite its controversial reputation, the Ouija Board has endured as a mysterious and compelling tool, with people using it to this day for guidance, divination, and fun.

The Ouija Board Today: A Tool for Spiritual Communication

The board has remained popular and continues to be used as a tool for spiritual communication and divination. Some still see it as a game, while others take it very seriously and believe in its ability to communicate with the spirit world. Regardless of what you believe, the history of the Ouija Board is fascinating and intriguing. From its roots in spiritualism to its transformation into a game, the board continues to capture our imagination and curiosity.

Skepticism and Belief: Debunking or Unexplained Phenomena?

Some hardened paranormal investigators today claim that a Ouija board has been debunked. They explain that movement comes from the un-subconscious mind rather than any spirit communication; but interesting information has been given by the board, which some would claim cannot be so easily described away as such.

Purchase a Ouija Board Game

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Experience a Controlled Ouija Board Session

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Further Study: Karen Darmman – A Respected Practitioner

We recommend heading over to check out the website of Karen Darmman, a well-respected practitioner in the subject for five decades.


In conclusion, the Ouija Board’s history and its place in spiritual communication make it an enigmatic and captivating phenomenon. Whether you approach it with skepticism or belief, there’s no denying the impact it has had on popular culture and its enduring allure as a tool to connect with the unknown.


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