Sulgrave Manor

Transport yourself back in time on a ghost hunt at Sulgrave Manor. This amazing location has many layers of history to uncover as you investigate the many rooms it has to offer in the dead of night.

Ashbourne Town Hall

Built in 1861 on the site of the old Talbot Inn, which had a reputation as a Den of iniquity, Ashbourne Town Hall is the perfect setting for a night of ghost hunting!

Avenue House Ghost Hunt

Spend an evening ghost hunting at Avenue House in London with Haunted Houses. This grade II listed Victorian Mansion has many stories to tell. What will you discover as you investigate this haunted house?!!

Beaumanor Hall

Your ghost hunt at Beaumanor Hall will see you exploring this location in the dark when everybody else you know has gone to bed.

Bishton Hall Ghost Hunts

There are many areas to explore and investigate in the vast and foreboding Bishton Hall, such as the old school rooms, attic, servants’ quarters and a spooky cellar which people have refused to enter.

Bolling Hall

Bolling Hall in is known locally for being one the Cities oldest buildings, but also for being one of, if not the most haunted buildings in Bradford.

Cogges Manor

Mentioned in the doomsday book Cogges manor looks like a tranquil cottage but step inside and discover the dark secrets hidden within its walls.