Anzio Army Camp | Ghost Hunts

Go ghost hunting at a unique and intriguing location in North Staffordshire; Anzio Army Camp has all qualities and characteristics of a spooky overnight ghost hunt.

Kelvedon Hatch

The paranormal phenomena reported at Kelvedon Hatch has rightfully earned its fearsome reputation. Step back into the Cold War with Haunted Houses Events.

Manor Farm

Your Ghost Hunt at the incredible Manor Farm in Bursledon, near Southampton, will deliver you that spine-tingling ghost hunt that you have been craving.

Mill Street Barracks

Haunted Houses considers Mill Street Barracks to be one of the most active buildings we’ve visited, leaving our guests huddled together in fear!

Old Haunted School

Disembodied screams and shouting, cold breezes, feelings of being touched and watched – The school built by George Herbert Strutt has had it all reported over the years.

Sheffield Fire & Police Museum

Test your nerve on a spooky ghost hunt at this former Fire, Police and Ambulance station. Prison Cells, Original Engine House and Three Floors to explore and investigate in the dead of night.