Bron y Garth Hospital

A ghost hunt and sleepover at Bron y Garth is not for the faint hearted. This is a huge location to investigate with several floors, sprawling corridors and countless creepy, derelict rooms; includes even a mortuary!

Ashwell Prison

Ashwell Prison is immense in size and enclosed behind high fencing. The location gives ghost hunters a real creep factor by day, but come night it takes on a real dark and sinister appearance.

Beaumaris Gaol

Beaumaris Gaol never fails to disappoint for a fantastic night of ghost hunting you won’t want to miss!

Galleries of Justice

A place of cruel judgement, horrid incarceration and very public executions . Welcome to your Galleries of Justice ghost hunt. Visit the courtrooms where the innocent and guilty were trialed alike, and the cells below where punishment was laid. Enter the foreboding debtors cells, and peer down into the Oubliette dungeons where the unfortunate where thrown down to be forgotten. Forget the modern 18th Century prison ghost hunts, and take your investigations to this dungeon site that dealt the worst of bloody punishment for over 700 years.

Jedburgh Castle Jail

Situated on the Scottish Borders, for a frightful night of ghost hunting we hope you are ready for a spooky night you certainly won’t forget!

Old Nick | Sleepover Ghost Hunt

“A terrifying place for an overnight ghost hunt, with 23 deaths documented to of occurred here which sadly includes suicides in the cells”

Ruthin Gaol

A ghost hunt at Ruthin Gaol is sure to excite even the most experienced ghost hunter, with the building being used to torment and hold the cruelest of criminals!

Sheffield Fire & Police Museum

Test your nerve on a spooky ghost hunt at this former Fire, Police and Ambulance station. Prison Cells, Original Engine House and Three Floors to explore and investigate in the dead of night.

Shepton Mallet Prison

Your ghost hunt at Shepton Mallet will see you exploring in the dark when everybody else you know has gone to bed.

Shrewsbury Prison

Your ghost hunt at HMP Shrewsbury Prison “The Dana” will see you exploring this haunted location in the dark. Are you ready to be creeped out?