Gresley Old Hall

Are you ready for a chilling and spooky ghost hunting adventure? Come visit Gresley Old Hall, an enchanting abandoned mansion. We have dark, spooky rooms, creaky floorboards, winding staircases, and forgotten chambers that have remained untouched for centuries. Take a trip down the murky hallway, climb the worn stairs, and open the secret door – let your imagination take flight! Explore and experience the excitement, mystery and intrigue of this special place and immerse yourself in its old-world atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for a thrill or just curious, you’re sure to have a one-of-a-kind experience at Gresley Old Hall!

Abbi Hopkinson

First time with this company tonight at Gresley Old Hall and it was a fantastic night. Hosts were professional but yet so friendly and approachable! Loved that it never felted rushed. Was a relaxed atmosphere. Had a few Interesting experiences which was fantastic. Will be booking further events with the company as best one we … Read more

Janine Breakwell

I was walking down a staircase and the door at the bottom slammed shut on it’s own trapping me on the stairs!