Liz Cormell

A very professional team who know how to run events. I had a great experience at Haden Hill House. Thank you to the team and the other guests.

Lori Shaffer

I recently attended my first Investigation with Haunted Houses at Haden Hill Hall. It was a great night. Chris and his team were friendly and fun yet professional. The event was extremely well organised and all about what we, the guests, wanted to do. There was something for everybody from table tipping and the human … Read more

Haden Hill Hall

Embark on a ghost hunt to discover the dark secrets of Haden Hill Hall with trapdoors leading into dark passageways, an entombed Monk, ghostly maidens, and small children are seen and heard. This location has a plethora of ghost stories. Limited to just four ghost hunts per year so not one to miss!